NAD+ services offered in West Hollywood, CA

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme that plays an essential role in producing energy. At me.losangeles aesthetics in West Hollywood, California, The skilled team provides NAD+ infusions for anti-aging. The powerful coenzyme slows down age-related cellular damage by maintaining DNA structure. Call the Los Angeles office today or use the online booking tool to schedule a consultation to learn how NAD+ can boost your health and wellness.


What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+) is a coenzyme naturally found in every cell in your body. As a coenzyme, NAD+ attaches to other substances in the cell to activate different reactions.

NAD+ supports many functions but is best known for working with the mitochondria in your cells to produce energy. It also directly or indirectly influences other cellular processes that help maintain tissue and metabolic function within the cell, supporting healthy aging. 

NAD+ also helps maintain DNA integrity, ensuring the DNA coding remains intact. Changes in DNA structure alter the production of cells, proteins, and other substances in the body, leading to age-related health issues. 

If my body makes NAD+, why do I need an infusion?

NAD+ is naturally found in your body, but production of the coenzyme slows down as you get older. Researchers theorize that the declining NAD+ levels in your cells play a role in age-related changes in the body that affect appearance and health, including cognitive changes like forgetfulness. 

NAD+ infusions at me.losangeles aesthetics ensures your body has enough of the health-promoting coenzyme to support normal cellular function. 

The boutique medical spa uses NAD+ to slow down and reverse the aging process. 

What are the benefits of NAD+?

The medical experts at me.losangeles aesthetics provide NAD+ through an intravenous (IV) line that goes directly into a vein in your arm. They may also offer NAD+ as an injection or booster. These methods rapidly increase NAD+ levels in your body. 

The boutique medical spa provides NAD+ infusions to boost wellness and healthy aging. Some of the benefits of NAD+ therapy include:

  • Boosting mental clarity
  • Improving energy 
  • Stabilizing mood
  • Lowering anxiety
  • Supporting weight management
  • Slowing down the body’s aging process
  • Enhancing overall health

me.losangeles aesthetics provides NAD+ infusions at their luxurious medical spa. An experienced registered nurse administers all IV therapies. Your provider at me.losangeles aesthetics customizes your therapy based on your individual needs.

NAD+ infusions boost cellular energy production and reverse the signs of aging. Call me.losangeles aesthetics today or book an appointment online to learn how NAD+ can benefit your health and wellness.